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Shop Stylish Home Accessories at our Online Fashion Store

Your home is your sanctuary. That is why, when it comes to creating an ideal environment where you can relax and unwind, you want to make sure that you decorate your home with furniture and home accessories that exhibit your personality and sense of style. Of course, while material things, like home accessories, don’t make a home, it can certainly make your living space a more enjoyable place. If you want to decorate your home with nice accessories and decorations, but don’t know where to start, these tips will definitely help you find the right accessories and decorations to enhance your living space:

  • Don't skimp on color. Fear of color makes many home decorators choose a pallet of neutral colors that don't leave much to draw the eye. Include a few spots of bright color throughout your room for a more pulled-together look.

  • Show who you are. Don't feel that your decor has to look like something out of a magazine. Be true to yourself and your family for a uniquely attractive aesthetic that is pretty as well as useful.

  • Switch it up frequently. Don't get bored with your decor! Every few months, spend some time rearranging furniture and accessories for a fresh look.


If you are looking for a place where you can find unique and stylish home accessories, check out Anica Art LLC. Anica Shpilberg is a Peruvian born Miami based artist who is known for her combination of Expressionism and Constructivism, which reflects the influence of some of the key figures of the 20th century. Her art is available at our online fashion store as prints, wearable art and home accessories. At our online fashion store, you will find home accessories which range from trays, platters, aprons, tablecloths and more.


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