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Mannequin Photography

Shop for Travel Accessories and Mannequin Photography at Anica Art LLC

If you are like everyone else, chances are that you always do your best to look good. You have your hair and your nails done, and you always try to pick out the perfect outfit. You want to look good everywhere you go, especially when you travel. But looking good is not limited to the clothes, but also what accessories we have on hand. That is why, here at Anica Art LLC, we offer fashionable travel accessories on our site. 


Here at Anica Art LLC, we know that, when you look your best, you feel your best. Who doesn’t want to feel confident and beautiful when traveling? When you shop at Anica Art LLC, you will be glad to know that each one of our travel accessories are pieces of art, literally. Anica Shpilberg is a Peruvian born Miami based artist who is known for her combination of Expressionism and Constructivism, which reflects the influence of some of the key figures of the 20th century. She makes her work available, not only on prints, but on home and travel accessories as well. On our site, you will find different travel accessories, such as suitcases, sunglasses, umbrellas, travel neck pillow and more. You will also find mannequin photography as well. 


Her mannequin photography showcases body of works that are embodiments of anonymous figures that she endows with human qualities. Through her mannequin photography and other works, she attempts to drive awareness to the social and cultural clashes that are evident in today’s world. 

To shop for her travel accessories or for mannequin photography, check out

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