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Art has always been the language of my thoughts. Through my work I seek to bring awareness of the social and cultural clashes that are patent in our world today.

The starting points are digital photographs that I have taken during my travels, images of people and places looking to capture instants of a changing world.

The photographs are then printed on canvas, allowing me to add perceptions at the scene: the uniqueness, emotions and contradictions that I felt, thus conveying the fullness of the intended message.

Underlying this work are the unexpected joys that arise from transformation: extracting and magnifying uniqueness while creating something altogether new.

-Anica Shpilberg

Anica Art's fashion and home accessories is a partnership between Anica and her daughter Tamara. Together they have realized Anica's dream of turning her work into wearable art through a fashion & home line. Anica & Tamara work together hand in hand creating beautiful pieces and making it available to the world. 

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